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We teach people to CRUSH their sales goals and love what they do!

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Dew Tinnin, Founder and CEO of Skillway, who shares the story of what led her to start her premium sales coaching company based in Nashville, Tennessee, along with their different focus areas and service offerings, how they identify gaps and opportunities, and why coaching is so important for success. During the interview, Dew also shares some helpful tips related to compensation and mindfulness, and much more.

A premium sales coaching company based out of Nashville, TN, serving their clients across the country.

  • What is sales coaching?
  • Who needs sales coaching?
  • What is a mistake that a sales manager makes?
  • What is a common challenge that a salesperson has?

They take back control, improve their work/life balance, and tackle new challenges with positivity.
How do we do it? Meet the Three E’s of Skillway: Enthusiasm, Expertise, and Efficiency. They’re the foundation of our approach.

We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach to delivering training topics. We study your business model, learn your sales methods, and uncover the source of your sales challenges. Then, we create custom training that will have a positive impact

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