Nashville Culinary Legend: Chef Deb Paquette

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Nashville Restauranteur, Deb Paquette, Chef Owner of Etch and etc. Restaurants and Menu Development Director for Jaspers Restaurant. During the interview, Deb talks about her career in the industry and being the first woman in Tennessee to qualify for the designation of certified executive chef, where she draws inspiration for her food and menus, the joys and challenges of owning and managing a restaurant, and then some background on each of her three restaurants. She also talks about the impact of the pandemic, how her company and team have responded, and how the restaurant industry has played an important role in lifting the community.

For more than thirty years, Deb Paquette has been a fixture in Nashville’s ever-growing food scene. As a trailblazing chef, dedicated mentor and community advocate, her adventurous cuisine and tenacious personality have made their mark on the Music City. Now chef-owner of Etch (downtown) and etc. (Green Hills), and consultant on Jasper’s (West End), Paquette has won countless awards and accolades. From her time at the Culinary Institute of America to her 13-year run at Gourmet magazine “Top 60” winning Zola to today, diners have flocked to her big, bold flavors and return time and again for her next globally-inspired dish.

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