Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee – Latest Scam Alerts!

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Robyn Householder, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee, who highlights the BBB’s efforts to protect consumers and foster an ethical marketplace and then discusses some of the most recent scam alerts, which include travel and airfare scams, passport and vaccine card scams, and student loan scams. During the interview Robyn shares tips and best practices to protect yourself and your loved ones and also shares helpful resources where you can find more information and assistance.

Travel scams are poised to rise. Theme: We want you to have a great vacation and find some great local business; that is why we are here.

Latest scam alert. Theme: One reason why Accredited Businesses become accredited is to inform people of scams and misleading marketing practices that degrade marketplace trust.

Other topics:  Student loan scams will probably be on the rise. With Biden admin talking about forgiveness programs, loan forgiveness scams are sure to rise in the coming months.

  • Forgiveness scams are also relevant to any loan borrowers as we are in unprecedented times, and what sounded too good to be true two years ago could seem realistic today.

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