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Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Kailey Cornett, Development Director with Hope Clinic for Women, who highlights the nonprofit’s history, mission and efforts as a faith-based safe and confidential place equipping women, men and families dealing with unplanned pregnancies, access to women’s healthcare, relationship education, pregnancy loss and postpartum depression. The Middle Tennessee-based organization provides medical care, professional counseling, education classes, case management, mentorship, and practical support regardless of age, race, religion or ability to pay. During the interview, Kailey shares more about their programs and impact, tips for parents to talk to their children, effects of the pandemic, how the community can help, and more.

Kailey Cornett is the Development Director at Hope Clinic for Women. She has been serving on the Advancement team since early 2019 and comes from background of finance, nonprofit management, and consulting. Her heart has always been with women facing difficult decisions and has volunteered with similar women’s clinics in Los Angeles and Phoenix.

At Hope Clinic, we serve the whole family. We invite the fathers-to-be to join our Bridge Parenting Program along with their partner! We offer 7+ online courses about Fatherhood that can be taken at anytime! They can learn about being consistent, positive role models and leaders.

  • Brief overview of Hope Clinic – years it’s been established, broad service areas, core values
  • Unplanned Pregnancy in 2020/2021 – trends and what Hope Clinic offers
  • Fact: Black women in the United States are 4-5x more likely to die in childbirth than White women. What is Hope Clinic doing to bridge this gap?
  • How can you get involved? Volunteering with our mentoring program

Learn more:
Website:                https://www.hopeclinicforwomen.org/
Facebook:             https://www.facebook.com/HopeClinicforWomenTN
Instagram:             https://www.instagram.com/hopeclinic/

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