Renaissance Community Loan Fund

An equal opportunity, nonprofit lender offering tailored lending for mortgages, energy efficient home improvements & commercial loans.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Jeremy A. Martin, Community Outreach Coordinator with Renaissance Community Loan Fund, who highlights the organization’s founding in 2006 to assist with the rebuilding of the Mississippi Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina. Renaissance Community Loan Fund is a Mississippi nonprofit lender that offers unique, tailored lending services for mortgages, home improvement, and commercial loans for Mississippians. During the interview, Jeremy discusses some of the different ways they help those looking to purchase or refinance a home, improve a home, or start or grow a business. He talks about their support services, credit counseling, business coaching, an OnDemand Training System and more.

Since inception, our focus has been to work collaboratively with leading public agencies and private entities to address development challenges, to help make distinct improvements to the blighted and distressed communities in Mississippi and to promote community and economic development through its programs.

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