Chronicle Partners: Legacy Planning Firm

We help families, individuals and business owners make wise financial decisions and leave a lasting legacy.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Chris White, CEO and Co-Founder, and Brian Reichenbach, COO and Co-Founder, of Chronicle Partners, who highlight how they help individuals and family create a legacy and impact through their financial planning and wealth management. During the interview, Chris and Brian provide some perspective on the current market trends, share some ways individuals can creatively leverage charitable giving with more efficiency and effectiveness, why it’s so important to break down silos and collaborate with other experts for the benefit of the client, and more.

  • The importance of working with a team of collaborative professionals (knocking down the silos of professional services)
  • The importance of having a plan frequently revisiting/reevaluating the plan (in the context of financial planning)
  • Risks & Opportunities presented in our current market / economic climate


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