Old School Farm – Growing Fresh Produce for the Greater Nashville Area

We are a Nashville-based produce farm creating vocation, education, and job opportunities to people of all abilities and backgrounds.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Emma Berkey, Volunteer Coordinator and Distribution Coordinator, and Nicolette Maio, Media and Community Outreach Coordinator, with Old School Farm, who highlight the nonprofit’s mission and efforts to employ adults with ALL abilities to grow, harvest, and deliver fresh produce to food deserts in the Middle Tennessee area. During the interview, Emma and Nicolette highlight some of the different produce grown, the impact on and relationships formed with the adults and volunteers who work on the farm, their relationships with local food pantries, how they are working with other farms and farmers through the Bells Bend Conservation Corridor, how the community can help, and much more.

Nestled within the heart of Bells Bend, ten minutes outside of Nashville, lies a new, unique non-profit dedicated to producing quality farm-to-table food while providing employment for individuals that have intellectual disabilities. Old School Farm was founded in 2013 on the belief that creating a sustainable farm can also produce sustainable jobs while giving back to the community at large. It is our hope that Old School Farm will become a model site where you will find individuals of all abilities working side by side.
Old School Farm will provide meaningful jobs so that adults with developmental disabilities can succeed working in a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program which supplies MillarRich families and the local community with fresh, organic produce.
  • Who we are, our function of day to day, current community outreach initiatives (Root Nashville tree planting initiative)
  • Programs and deeper into the donation aspect of our mission. Our relationships to local food pantries we are delivering to and other farms we are working with through the Bells Bend Conservation Corridor.
  • How can you get involved? Our volunteer program and upcoming fundraiser event August 14th.

Website:                https://www.oldschoolfarm.org/
Instagram:             https://www.instagram.com/oldschoolfarm/
Facebook:              https://www.facebook.com/oldschoolfarmtn/

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