Super Money Kids – Financial Literacy Program Designed to Empower Students

Money is an exchange for many values we strive to teach our kids.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Courtney Hale, Chief Hope Dealer with Super Money Kids, who shares the background of starting the financial literacy program designed to empower students across the country and to be accessible for children of color to help create generational transformation. During the interview, Courtney highlights how the program works, how they partner with schools and now are offering a home edition for parents around the nation to benefit from and use as a tool to help guide their children around Saving, Spending, and Sharing.

  • Appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on June 18th along with my daughter to talk about the importance of financial literacy and how our mission is empowering students across the country.
  • Mission + Goals: Our mission is to make financial literacy accessible for children of color throughout the country. We have 2 primary goals: 1. identify corporations with community engagement initiatives focused on education and financial literacy who could become a programming partner. 2. Connect with elementary and middle schools who are interested in adding a enrichment program focused on financial literacy.
  • New program (Super Money Kids Home Edition): Beginning in July, families at home can participate in the Super Money Kids program.


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