BC Team and Realtor with Compass Real Estate – It’s Still a Good Time To Buy!

Your premier Real Estate Team for Greater Nashville, TN!

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Brian Cournoyer, Managing Partner with the BC Team and Realtor with Compass Real Estate, who highlights Compass and some of the things that make the company and its team different, including their expertise, technology and concierge program. During the interview, Brian provides some perspective on the Nashville housing market, trends, and some recommendations for both buyers and sellers.

  • If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, don’t wait.
  • A seller will always negotiate the best deal when demand is high, and supply is low. That’s exactly what’s happening in the real estate market today.
  • As vaccine rollouts progress and we continue to see the economy recover, more houses will come to the market. Don’t wait for the competition in your neighborhood to increase. If you’re ready to make a move, now is the time to sell. Let’s connect today to get your house listed at this optimal moment in time.
  • Despite today’s low inventory, there is hope on the horizon.
  • “In May, newly listed homes grew by 5.4% on a year-over-year basis compared to the earlier days of the COVID-19 pandemic last year…

5 Things Homebuyers Need To Know When Making an Offer

  1. know your numbers
  2. brace for fast pace
  3. lean on your real estate professional
  4. make a strong but fair offer
  5. resist the urge to waive the inspection contingency

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Email:                    brian@thebc.team

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