Chasing Pro: Thinking Beyond Impossible by Jeffery Johnson

Within these pages, you will discover how to take actionable steps towards reaching your “pro”-purpose, dreams, and aspirations.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Jeffery Johnson, author of the book, “Chasing Pro: Thinking Beyond Impossible,” who shares some of his personal story and what led him to write the book, along with some of the major takeaways for readers. Ten weeks before Jeffery was to set out to play professional basketball in Spain, he tore the patellar tendon in his right knee. The trauma temporarily set him back from reaching his dream, but allowed him to reflect on some of the major lessons in life that come from focusing more on continuous improvement and progress rather than the final destination. The book shares foundations for success and a collection of inspiring stories and lessons on how chasing your most sensitive and impossible dreams can impact generations.

Visit to learn more and order the book. There is a “pay it forward” option to donate an additional book to young adults struggling to chase their most impossible dreams.

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