Preemptive Love Gatherings – Practice Radical Compassion

Learn More From Cheryl Hanson and Lana Zring of Preemptive Love

cityCURRENT Radio Show host, Andrew Bartolotta, sits down with Cheryl Hanson and Lana Zring of Preemptive Love, where they have developed a program called “Gatherings” where people from different cultures, races, faiths, and politics are able to come together virtually in an environment where everyone has a voice, a place to be heard and valued.

The idea is to promote healing from all that is tearing us apart by listening to each others’ stories, understanding the struggles of the marginalized and minorities, and seeing one another through eyes of compassion. These connections foster empathy and compassion so that when we face the fears and anger in the world or disagree with our neighbors, our first choice will be to listen and practice Radical Compassion.

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