Sherry McMillan-Ballard – Transition to the Real and Beautiful You

Sherry McMillan-Ballard truly believes “social work” is a calling. For as long as she can remember, she could never shake the overwhelming urge to lend a helping hand to a stranger or simply a listening ear. She is a true motivator with a strong desire in believing, “You can do anything with a plan and motivation.” She believes in the goals and dreams of each person she engages through life, including individual and/or group therapy. No matter the age, she is capable of building rapport and fostering a therapeutic relationship for recovery. Sherry believes everyone is entitled and capable of managing life from daily stressors to mental and medical issues.

Sherry has recently pivoted her experience both professional & personal into an all telling book which acts as a guide for women (men, too) to release the things that are hindering the creation of an intentional, goal-driven life. Each person should be able to confidently live as their most confident & authentic self. The journey starts within with Transition to the Real & Beautiful You.

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