ChangeMakers Podcast: Ed Gillentine – Author of Journey to Impact

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Ed Gillentine, who is principal and founder of Gillentine Group, the author of “Journey to Impact: A Practical Guide to Purpose-Driven Investing” and host of the podcast, Journey to Impact. During the interview, Ed discusses his formative years growing up in Memphis, Tennessee and how we became actively involved in strategic impact initiatives in Africa, Europe and the United States, including an agri-business that grows and processes apples for the flourishing of people and communities across Ethiopia.

Ed also talks about forming the Gillentine Group in 2008 to focus on legacy planning and philanthropic strategies to help families have a more significant impact on the world. He shares the story of writing his book,  “Journey to Impact: A Practical Guide to Purpose-Driven Investing,” and talks about some of the lessons and steps that have helped him align his values, expertise, and finances in a way that have maximized his unique impact on what really matters. He talks about hosting the podcast Journey to Impact, how listeners can embark on their own unique journeys to impact, and much more.


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