“The Memphis 13” Film: Integration of the Memphis City Public Schools on October 3, 1961

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Dwania Kyles, a Civil Rights Advocate who was one of “The Memphis 13” youth involved in the integration of the Memphis City public schools on October 3, 1961, along with her fellow Co-Founder of The Memphis 13 Foundation, Daniel Kiel, University of Memphis law professor and the Director of The Memphis 13 documentary, who both discuss the significance of The Memphis 13 story and their efforts now with the Foundation. During the interview, Dwania talks about her personal experience as a “Memphis 13” alum, shares how she is approaching healing and taking lessons from the past to become opportunities for learning in the future, and how The Memphis 13 Foundation is poised to engage youth to engage in building community and conversations centered on love. Daniel adds his personal perspective on the documentary and how it plays an important role in the Foundation’s efforts, and talks about how the community can get involved.

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