cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Organizational Leadership & Employee Benefits

This week on The cityCURRENT Show we’re talking about organizational leadership and employee benefits. Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Dan Ryan, CEO and President of Ryan Partners, who discusses his company’s three areas of expertise with helping organizations identify and acquire key leadership to grow and sustain their businesses, working with business owners to help them develop an exit strategy from their business, and then leading peer groups of business owners and leaders through an organization called Vistage. During the interview, Dan elaborates more on each area of his business, talks about trends, tips and recommendations, and more.

Jeremy also talks with Will Brown, Managing Partner with The Benefits Group, who provides some background on how they help small to medium size companies leverage the same benefit advantages that larger companies offer, which allows business owners to be more competitive and achieve higher levels of success. During the interview, Will talks about some of the important legislation, like the American Rescue Plan Act, and trends coming out of the pandemic, including working from home, a tight labor market, and using benefits to increase PPP forgiveness. He also covers some of the supplemental benefits and creative plans that are becoming more popular.

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