Rescue 1 Global: Combating Human Trafficking on a Global Scale

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Lacy Tolar, Co-Founder of Rescue 1 Global, and Jonathan Williams, Board President, who discuss their efforts to counter human trafficking and provide holistic restoration, at home and around the world. During the interview, Lacy shares some of her personal story and how she first engaged the world of human trafficking as a missionary in Thailand in 2009 when her 9 year old daughter was nearly abducted by traffickers. Lacy and Jonathan talk about their efforts around prevention, rescuing and restoration, along with red flags to notice and ways to get involved in being a part of the solution.

Since then, she has become a leading advocate in the anti-trafficking world and is the co-founder of Rescue 1 Global, an organization focusing on prevention, rescue, and restoration of survivors in the United States, Thailand, and the Philippines.  After 12 years of working in the field, she and her husband Daniel have mobilized communities through education and outreach, partnered with domestic and international law enforcement to identify and recover victims, and offer advocacy and shelter for children and adult survivors.

In addition to her work with Rescue 1 Global Lacy has served as an advisor to President Trump’s Interagency Task Force to combat human trafficking, serves on the best practices committee for TN victim advocates of human trafficking, sits and is the chairman of the TBI nonprofit steering human trafficking committee, has consulted with all levels of law enforcement in Tennessee, the US, Thailand, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, as well as worked with Tennessee School Resource Officers to develop a response protocol to victims identified in our schools.  In her spare time she has taught as an adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University, MTSU, and Welch College.

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Facebook:  Rescue 1 Global
Twitter: @rescue1globa
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