Tennessee Innocence Project: Their Efforts to Exonerate the Innocent

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Jason Gichner, Senior Legal Counsel with the Tennessee Innocence Project, who highlights their efforts to exonerate the innocent in Tennessee. The Tennessee Innocence Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to investigating and litigating claims of actual innocence. During the interview, Jason talks about their model and impact, the importance of their work, recent cases, how the community can help, and more…..

  • The need for an innocence organization in Tennessee. No one was doing this work before we formed in 2019.
  • How do people hear about the Tennessee Innocence Project?
  • How do you know your clients are innocent? What is your criteria for cases you take on?
  • Recent cases and breaking news to share. Check out these news articles about one of our current cases in the Nashville Scene.

Learn more:
Facebook:             www.facebook.com/TNInnocenceProject
Twitter:                 twitter.com/ProjectTenn
Instagram:            www.instagram.com/tninnocence/
Website:               www.tninnocence.org

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