Tiki: See, Control & Monetize Your Data

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with entrepreneurs Mike Audi, CEO and Co-Founder, and Shane Faria, User Champion and Co-Founder, of Tiki, who share what led them to start the company focused on creating a data marketplace based on user data ownership. During the interview, Mike and Shane discuss the “data” problem and how users want more data privacy, but businesses rely on data, and how they have created a solution that offers users the opportunity to protect their data or elect to share it for compensation. Mike and Shane also share tips for other entrepreneurs and why they decided to start Tiki in Nashville, Tennessee.

Your data is worth thousands a year. Why aren’t you getting your fair share? Take back control. Get paid. Tiki’s got your back.

  • Why we started and when
  • The “data” problem / cat and mouse game
  • (Users want more data privacy, but businesses rely on data. How to compromise?)
  • Solution: TIKI (A data marketplace based on user data ownership)
  • TIKI values (trust, transparency, user-centricity)
  • Why Nashville?
  • We are hiring developers and interns

Learn more:
Website:                https://www.mytiki.com/
Facebook:             https://www.facebook.com/mytikiapp
Twitter:                  https://twitter.com/my_tiki_
LinkedIn:               https://www.linkedin.com/company/mytiki/

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