Javier Peña: “For Once in My Life,” Film

CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT MUSIC and use its principles to align your team, grow your business and achieve harmony in your organization.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Javier Peña, who is a public speaker, leadership advisor, and award-winning creative director and composer of original music for national television commercials, who shares how music and its principles can help you achieve harmony in life and business.

For 15 years, Javier worked as the musical director of a group of singers with diverse mental and physical disabilities who became a full-time performing band. The group’s inspiring story was featured in the film, “For Once in My Life,” which is available on Amazon Prime and iTunes. The film won dozens of awards in film festivals in the U.S. and overseas and was selected by the U.S. State Department to be screened in embassies around the world. As a result of the film’s success, Javier was invited to the White House.

Javier created the Leading in Tune leadership program to help leaders and organizations change the way they think about music and use its principles to achieve harmony in work in life. During the interview, Javier shares some of the lessons learned, tips and how you can access some free resources.

Visit www.leadingintune.com to learn more.

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