ChangeMakers Podcast: Deborah Macfarlan Enright, Ed.D. – Improving the World Through Skillful Disruption of the Status Quo


Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Deb Macfarlan Enright, Ed.D., Founder and CEO of The Macfarlan Group, which helps nonprofits/social impact organizations challenge the status quo and make an even greater impact through strategic planning, leadership development, and operational effectiveness.



Deb is an acclaimed communicator, connector, and strategist adept at uncovering potential in individuals and groups, strengthening their abilities to optimize their impact within their organization and the community.

Deb believes that disrupters talking across industries and interests to collectively impact social challenges will cause deep sustainable change. Her work experiences here and abroad have found her in the company of disrupters changing the world in areas including education, addiction recovery, social justice, human rights, healthcare, housing insecurity, and animal rights.

​Deb has served on local, regional, and international Boards of Directors of social impact organizations and education institutions. These experiences impact her ability to develop leaders, create strategic plans, and strengthen an organization’s operational effectiveness.

​Deb is the host of The Macfarlan Group’s podcast 3 a.m. What’s Keeping You Up at Night? As host, Deb interviews leaders in the social impact ecosystem around the country discussing best nonprofit management practices and social justice efforts with practitioners, leaders, and superstars working to disrupt the status quo to make the world better.

Deb holds an undergraduate degree from Vassar College and two advanced degrees from Vanderbilt University including a Doctorate in Education Policy from the nationally ranked Leadership, Policy & Organization Department program.

Before all of this (and children), Deb fronted a jazz trio touring the East Coast and Caribbean.

Listen as Jeremy and Deb talk about these experiences, lessons learned, advice for other Changemakers, and much more.

Instagram:             The Macfarlan Group (@themacfarlangroup)
Podcast:                 3 a.m. What’s Keeping You Up at Night?
Blog:                       Blogging Out Loud NOW!



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