Grace Place Ministry – Serving Homeless Single Mothers & Children

Are you a single mother struggling to make ends meet? We can help.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Desneige VanCleve, Founder and Executive Director of Grace Place Ministry, who shares some of the history for the nonprofit based in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and highlights their efforts to empower single mothers in need and their children by developing healthy, safe, and independent lives in the local community. During the interview, Desneige talks about their program and impact, discusses their success rates and what that means for the women and their families, provides some context around the mental transition of day-to-day survival to being able to dream about the future, and highlights how the community can support their efforts. 

  • Our mission and the need
  • The details of our program
  • The community can help by donating funds, donating consumables as listed in our blog, and by following us on social media and sharing our information so that people connect with us and what we do. I also want to talk about our upcoming expansion and capital campaign.

Learn more:
Instagram:            graceplaceministry

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