Memphis Education Fund: Discusses Funding and Education Innovation

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Terence Patterson, CEO of the Memphis Education Fund, who highlights their commitment to helping every child in Memphis have access to a great public school by fueling targeted innovation, inspiration and investment – in teachers, schools and communities. During the interview, Terence talks about some of their partnerships focused on innovation with New Leaders, New Memphis and local charter schools, and then discusses some of the important storylines that the community should be following, with regards to public education in Memphis and Shelby County. He talks about the need to simplify the BEP funding model and increase spending on education, putting the ESSER federal dollars to best use with a long-term strategy in mind, and the changing charter school landscape and what that means for students and families. He also talks about how the community can get more involved in the conversations and strategy development for public school education.

Visit to learn more about the Memphis Education Fund and to learn more about how you can plug in with Opportunity 901.

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