Inside Story Hunters Podcast: Volunteerism – Giving For Growth

In this episode, host Laurie Guzman interviews Jeremy Park, cityCURRENT CEO. Jeremy is highly motivated to help people achieve growth in their personal, business, and spiritual life by teaching the power of relationships and through volunteerism.

Join us as we talk about:
✔️ The power in understanding right relationships
✔️ The importance of shifting to grow
✔️ How volunteerism is the mechanism for growth
✔️ Why giving leads to growth

Jeremy C. Park is a corporate executive and philanthropist, an author of two books, a columnist and contributor to Forbes, producer, and host of television and radio shows and a podcast, and a sought-after speaker for transforming organizations and individuals into catalysts for their community.

Park is the CEO and catalyst behind cityCURRENT, an organization with a mission to power the GOOD. cityCURRENT is a partnership of more than one hundred businesses, including some of the world’s largest employers, like FedEx, AutoZone, Verizon, Kroger, and Smith+Nephew that have joined forces and funds to make a difference. The organization has teams working in Memphis and Nashville, hosts more than 300 events each year for enrichment and community collaboration, produces an array of positive-oriented media, and financially and physically gives back to support nonprofits.


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