cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Philanthropy and Storytelling

This week on The cityCURRENT Show we’re talking about philanthropy and storytelling. cityCURRENT’s Director of Digital Media, Andrew Bartolotta, sits down with creative storyteller and Author, Tim C. Nicholson who shares about his new book, “Growing Up Guys: The Early Years”, which explores some childhood moments in hopes of continuing to grow. Tim also discusses tips and stories related to his years spent helping clients find creative solutions to business problems and his latest venture, Brother, Friend.

Andrew also sits down with Michael Lacher with The Gallatin Hotel / Mission Hotels who shares about their recently opened East Nashville boutique hotel featured in Forbes with a mission to build spaces that bring their guests joy and serve those who need it most. Through their Rooms for Rooms program, they give away the majority of their profits to Nashville’s underserved communities and nonprofits like Nashville Rescue Mission, ShowerUp, Room In The Inn, and People Loving Nashville.

Learn more about Mission Hotels here:

Learn more about Tim C. Nicholson here:

Learn more about Brother, Friend here:

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