Steve Fredlund, Lead Strategist / Happiness Coach, shares tips to become happier at work and in life

Host Andrew Bartolotta sits down with Steve Fredlund, founder of Small Small Business and TEDx Speaker, to talk about the backbone of happiness, default driven leadership, and what “stop leading like you’re choosing toothpaste” means.

About Steve Fredlund:
Steve Fredlund spent 25 years in Fortune 500 companies including Medtronic, 3M, Thrivent Financial and Allianz; he has an MBA and is a fellow of the society of actuaries.

Three years ago he started Small Small Business, where he and his team provide entrepreneurs, small business owners and nonprofit leaders with a level of support usually only available to larger organizations.

Steve has an overlapping 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience including 6 boards of directors and leading a community-wide effort to transform a community in northern Rwanda.

Learn more about Small Small Business here:

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