Marc A. Wolfe new book: Yeah, but…How to Leave Excuses and Alibis Behind

Marc highlights the power of asking questions and upcoming book to help you overcome excuses.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Marc A. Wolfe, Founder and Chief Thought Provoker with Marc A. Wolfe Enterprises, who is an ICF certified executive coach, author and consultant helping to turn conversations into business outcomes. During the interview, Marc shares some of his personal story and how and why he became an executive coach, then talks about the power of asking the right questions and noticing the gaps and opportunities where companies can grow. He discusses some of the business trends that have his attention right now and how to have difficult conversations with leadership around fostering change. He also spotlights his upcoming book, “Yeah, but…How to Leave Excuses and Alibis Behind,” and shares some advice his father gave him growing up, which has helped shape his future.

Marc A. Wolfe is invited to be the guide for his corporate and individual clients so they become the leaders they were created to be. Their transformation is a result of seeing problems in a new way and being inspired to create solutions that allow them to see around corners and over the horizon. As an ICF certified executive coach, author and consultant Marc helps turn conversations into business outcomes.

For decades as an entrepreneur and strategist, Marc’s career started by taking photographs of a US President and best-selling authors, to working with the NY Giants, then building an Apple-focused international support company before there was an iPod. Marc has consistently provided perspective and insights to both US and global companies in healthcare (BD, Columbia Univ, Tufts Health Plan), retail (Tiffany & Co), financial/legal (State Street Bank, Bone McAllester Norton), technology (Synnex), non-profit (Goodwill, Nashville Area Chamber), hospitality (Choice Hotels Owners Council), Manufacturing (GAF) and media/entertainment (CNBC, Turner) industries. Marc has been a guest columnist for as well as writing articles for other national publications. Marc has been selected as an INC5000 Executive Coach, as well as a master facilitator for the Marshall Goldsmith MG100 Leaders Live. He provides virtual and in-person workshops and keynotes to audiences that want to be engaged and come away with the knowledge that immediately helps them and their teams.

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