University of Memphis Pom Squad: Preparing Student Athletes for Success in Life & Career

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Carol Lloyd, University of Memphis Spirit Coordinator and Head Dance Coach for Memphis Pom, who shares some of her personal story of transitioning from a student athlete who was part of the national title-winning dynasty under Cheri Ganong-Robinson to now the head coach who is continuing the legacy of winning national titles and helping to prepare student athletes for success in life and career. The University of Memphis Pom Squad holds 15 national titles, including 9 consecutive titles from 1986-1994. During the interview, Carol provides an overview of the program, talks about some of the ways her coaching style is similar and different to that of her predecessor and mentor, how the pandemic has impacted the student athletes, how the program empowers and helps prepare the students for success, how community engagement is a top priority and much more. 

  • History of MPDT (MPDT stands for Memphis Pom Dream Team)
  • The dynasty (when it started and who coached, how the team set the bar for college dance teams when competitions started)
  • Carol’s background going from athlete to coach
  • How it came to be a sport / the evolution of the sport
  • Female athletes
  • Scholarships
  • What it takes to be on this team
  • Impact on the University and the community
  • The empowered women that have come through the program
  • How this program prepares them for their future as leaders

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