Glanris: Water Treatment Service Using Rice Hulls

Bryan Eagle spotlights Glanris and how they use rice hulls to make a filter to create clean water.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Bryan Eagle, CEO and Co-Founder of Glanris, which makes a filter that effectively filters both metal and organic contaminants from water, and the filter itself is made from the world’s largest agricultural waste product, rice hulls. During the interview, Bryan talks about where the idea originated and how the business was launched, how the technology and process works, the wide range of applications from residential to municipal to industrial, and how it plays an important role in protecting our environment. The technology was recently declared Net CO2 Negative, and Bryan discusses why that is important and how it ties in with carbon credits and manufacturing. He also talks about what lies ahead for the company, and how everyone can play a role in being more eco-friendly.

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