Brought to Life: A Documentary about Colour Revolt

Joshua Cannon and Barrett Kutas discuss documentary in production focused on band, Colour Revolt

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Joshua Cannon and Barrett Kutas, Directors with Studio One Four Three, who spotlight the documentary they are currently working on, which is focused on telling the story of the band, Colour Revolt. Throughout the 2000’s, Colour Revolt inspired musicians and bands throughout the indie rock community. Though the Mississippi-based band only put out three albums, their influence still ripples through the music community to this day. When Colour Revolt disbanded, they did so quietly, without a word to their fans. There has been curiosity, and lore, around what came of the band, and each of their members, ever since. That’s where the film picks up – in their lives today, exploring what it looks like to build a life from dreams that didn’t go as planned. During the interview, Joshua and Barrett talk about their ties to the music and film industry and how they were personally inspired and influenced by Colour Revolt. The discuss the documentary and some of the key topics and important societal themes it centers around, and how the community can join in the effort to help them produce the film through a project donation to The Gotham Film & Media Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to finding and developing projects that shape the future of story.

Email Joshua for more information at or Barrett at Visit…. to make a contribution to the film through the nonprofit, The Gotham Film & Media Institute.

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