cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Cultivating Community Growth with the City Administrator for Franklin, Tennessee and Plant the Seed

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Eric Stuckey, City Administrator for the City of Franklin, Tennessee, who highlights the City of Franklin and discusses The Fuller Story initiative, which is a community-based effort to more completely reflect the City’s history by telling important aspects of the community’s history, especially related to the experience of African Americans in Franklin before, during, and after the Civil War. In October of 2019, the community dedicated five historical markers on the town square telling important aspects of the City’s history. In October of 2021, the community dedicated on the town square a statue, called “March to Freedom,” honoring United States Colored Troops soldiers who fought for their freedom during the Civil War.

Learn more about The Fuller Story here:

Then, Jeremy talks with Susannah Fotopulos, Founder and Executive Director of Plant the Seed, which is a Middle Tennessee-based nonprofit with a mission to inspire and empower young people to effect meaningful change in their lives through hands-on learning in school and community gardens.

During the interview, Susannah shares some of her personal story and what led her to launch the organization, how their model works and aligns with educational standards, how the program impacts youth and creates positive change in the community, ways to get involved, and more.

Learn more about Plant the Seed here:

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