Get On Board Virtual Workshop | How to Thrive by Delivering What People Want Most: Simplicity

This session is perfect for board members, nonprofit leaders, young professionals, and community-minded individuals who want to simplify and streamline customer experiences.

It doesn’t matter if you’re B2C, B2B, for-profit or nonprofit. People have high expectations for the organizations they support and give their loyalty to. And the winning brands provide them with the one thing that most others aren’t – simplicity. How can you learn from them and deliver the same experiences on a much smaller budget?

Watch as Matt Lyles teaches us 6 key behaviors to immediately transform your organization’s experience and develop loyal donors, loyal volunteers and loyal employees – all through the power of simplicity.

This popular series is made possible by the Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc.

About Matt Lyles:
Matt is a former Fortune 100 brand strategy lead–turned speaker, author, brand and customer experience consultant, and host of the SIMPLE brand podcast. He’s the author of the upcoming book: SIMPLE brand (releasing January 2023). For over 15 years, he’s helped brands like FedEx, Southwest Airlines, and the HandsOn Network tell their story. Matt leads a crusade of simplicity to help companies transform their customer and employee experience. Now, he’s bringing that crusade to you.

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