Memphis Breast Cancer Summit May 21, 2022

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Dr. Fedoria Rugless, who is the Center for Transforming Communities’ Just Health Champion and Event Coordinator for the Live! Memphis Breast Cancer Summit taking place on Saturday, May 21, 2022 from 10a-2p at Hickory Ridge Mall in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Rugless is a Research Assistant Professor for the College of Health Sciences at The University of Memphis, and serves as Director of Research at Church Health. During the interview, Dr. Rugless talks about the upcoming community event and provides an overview of the Memphis Breast Cancer Consortium and its ties to The Center for Transforming Communities, which recently merged with Common Table Health Alliance. She shares recommendations for being proactive with breast cancer prevention, talks about some of the myths, and good news with advancements, along with how the community can get involved.

Visit to learn more and to register for the upcoming event.

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