Sacred Walker: How to identify burnout and how outdoors can recharge you.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Sacred Walker, Founding CEO of Kuumba Health International Coaching Institute, who shares how she found her niche as a Mental Health Therapist, Mind Body Health Coach, Stress Relief to Success Strategist, and Personal Empowerment and Transformation Coach. During the interview, Sacred discusses the importance of identifying burnout and being able to become vulnerable as leaders who are more self-aware. She highlights how nature can teach us to honor our authentic self, and how the positive energy can impact our bottom line. Sacred then shares ways mindfulness outdoors can recharge our mind and improve our lives, and discusses ways you can access free resources and connect with her and her team for additional information.

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  1. So great being a guest on today’s show. Would love to hear what you thought of it @asksacred on facebook or instagram, or @sacredwalker on linkedin! Thanks for tuning in and connect soon! What an amazing team!

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