Volunteer Odyssey: The Power of Volunteerism and Impact on Memphis

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Alexandra Schrack, Director of Operations with Volunteer Odyssey, who highlights their efforts as a volunteer center based in and built for Memphis, Tennessee, and a one-stop shop for meaningful volunteer opportunities. During the interview, Alexandra shares some updates with the number of volunteers engaged and the economic impact of volunteerism on the region. She talks about the unique way volunteering can enrich our lives, can help us meet new people, learn new skills, and learn more about inner passions. She also discusses how companies can benefit from supporting and fostering community engagement opportunities for their employees, and how that leads to increased happiness and productivity. Then, Alexandra shares how the need for volunteers is increasing among nonprofits and how easy it is for individuals and groups to get engaged via their website or through custom-designed group volunteer activities.

Visit www.volunteerodyssey.com or email Alexandra at alexandra@volunteerodyssey.com to learn more.

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