cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Being a Catalyst for Our Community

This week on The cityCURRENT Show our theme is Being a Catalyst for our Community with Mindy Tate of Franklin Tomorrow and Kelly Meyers of cityCURRENT.

 Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Mindy Tate, CEO of Franklin Tomorrow, who highlights the independent, community-visioning nonprofit created in 2000 by a group of forward-looking business and community leaders to safeguard the attributes that made Franklin, Tennessee special then for future generations. The organization’s mission is to engage the community, foster collaboration, and advocate for a shared vision for the future of Franklin.

During the interview, Mindy talks about their ongoing programs and impact, some of the pivots made during the pandemic and the importance of opening access for more citizens to get involved, lessons learned and how the community can support their efforts.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Kelly Meyers, cityCURRENT’s Nashville Market President, who highlights the organization’s efforts to power the GOOD in Middle Tennessee through events, media and philanthropy.

During the interview, Kelly talks about how cityCURRENT fosters purpose-driven community connections and relationships that lead to growth, professionally and personally, for individuals and organizations. She talks about the ROI of building strong relationships with an abundance mindset toward giving back, helping each other and improving the community. She also highlights how the events, media and philanthropy work together to engage the larger community and create more opportunities to work together, along with some networking tips and then upcoming events, volunteer experiences, and ways to get involved.

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