Nashville chapter of The Private Directors Association

PDA provides education and advocates for excellent practices in board formation and governance.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Becky Sharpe, CEO of International Scholarship and Tuition Services and President of the Nashville chapter of The Private Directors Association, who shares some background on her company, which offers full-service scholarship management, and then what led her to become part of The Private Directors’ Association. Founded in 2014, The Private Directors Association is dedicated to improving private companies’ growth and sustainability through governance that adds value. During the interview, Becky talks about the local efforts and programming for the Nashville chapter, why having a board is so valuable, where to begin, and best practices and tips for board members.

  • Why is it important to have a board if you are a private company?
  • What it means to have an effective board with proven governance expertise
  • Why what got you here will not get you there – it’s all about DEI
  • How to prepare yourself for a private board position
  • Top 5 mistakes for board members to avoid

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