MOVE Inclusive Dance Empowers Individuals of All Abilities

Founded in 2018, MOVE Inclusive Dance has grown from a small summer camp to a substantial year-round program serving individuals across the U.S.

cityCURRENT Show host Andrew Bartolotta, sits down with MOVE’s Founder and Executive Director, Lauren Morris who talks about growing up dancing and having an epiphany one day when she was around the age of 13 and asked her mom why there weren’t any dance studios for people with disabilities. Her mom replied, “I don’t know. Maybe you will open one someday.”

During the interview you’ll learn about Lauren and her team’s passion empowering individuals of all ability levels to learn life skills through dance. MOVE has garnered support from various local and national foundations, as well as being an organization featured by BuzzFeed. They even offer online classes for those not in the Middle Tennessee / Franklin, TN area.

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