Never Alone Advocacy: Their efforts to advocate for military victims of sexual violence and domestic violence.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Amy Braley Franck, Founder and President of Never Alone Advocacy, who shares the story of launching the nonprofit in 2020 and highlights their efforts to advocate for military victims of sexual violence, domestic violence and families that have lost a loved one due to injustices in the process of reporting crimes. During the interview, Amy, a former Sexual Assault Program Manager, talks about why their work matters to the community and the importance of ensuring that service members and veterans receive appropriate intervention for behavioral health with access to healing resources. She talks about the importance of holding leaders accountable and promoting transparency, and collaborating with senior military leadership, members of U.S. Congress, and the news media to make sure that predators are held accountable, victims are protected, and policies are reformed. She also shares a testimony of how the organization provides critical support to victims and their families, and how the community can support their efforts locally and internationally, as well.

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