Scovia Rushing highlights her new children’s book, “Scovia Learns She Has Melanin”

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with author Scovia Rushing, who shares some of her personal story and highlights her new children’s book, Scovia Learns She Has Melanin. Scovia was born in Sudan, raised in Kenya and Uganda, and eventually moved to the U.S. While living in Memphis, Tennessee, Scovia has built her family and career, and found she could use the power of storytelling to make the world a better place.

During the interview, Scovia discusses some of the important lessons and takeaways from her book, which teaches children that no matter the color of their skin, it is a beautiful gift from God. She also talks about being a wife and mother, chairing the G.R.O.W. Brewster Pre-K Reading effort for The Junior League of Memphis, and much more.

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