SoGiv: Shoes with a Nonprofit Mission

SoGiv has adopted twenty causes, each of which receive 100% of the proceeds generated through each shoe sold.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Edward Bogard, the Philanthropic Designer, Founder and CEO of SoGiv, who highlights the story of launching the first nonprofit shoe design company dedicated to using shoes as pathways for philanthropy, volunteerism, and charitable causes. During the interview, Edward spotlights some of the different shoe designs and causes supported, discusses how each shoe tells a story and helps raise awareness and funds for a nonprofit, and offers some stories of impact, including their partnership with Mid-South Food Bank where more than 13,000 meals have been provided to families facing food insecurities as a result of shoe sales. Edward also talks about how nonprofits can partner with SoGiv to create their own custom design and campaign, and how the public can purchase shoes and clothing to support the causes.

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