Black Diamond Culinary – Making Cooking an exciting experience!

Gourmet hands-on cooking classes consisting of pasta, soups/sauces, chocolates, cookies, pastries, hors d'œuvres/appetizers, and entrees.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Kris McCorkel, Chef and Owner of Black Diamond Culinary, who shares how and where her passion for food and wine began, and how she was inspired by her son, who is a wine sommelier in Bordeaux France. During the interview, Kris discusses their culinary classes and event space, located in Franklin, Tennessee, and how individuals and groups can experience the joys of cooking fabulous foods. She also shares some advice for other entrepreneurs and talks about the importance of passion and patience.

In these hands-on classes, you’ll laugh, and learn alongside your BFF’s, family, and other classmates as you practice making everything from soups to main dishes, to cookies, pastries, and chocolates in a cozy environment. Then finally sit and enjoy your creations together. Black Diamond Culinary is An Experience to be had by all! Invite your friends, and family and join us in the Black Diamond Culinary kitchen to create delicious gourmet dishes, and amazing memories together!

We welcome families, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, couples date night, company team-building, private dinners/events, and everyone else in between!


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