E35 Design Sharing Interior Design and Decorating Trends

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Weston Blankenship, Owner and Founder of E35 Design, who shares what led him and his wife, Cristy, to start the design company that specializes in interior design for commercial and residential spaces, as well as custom holiday decorating. During the interview, Weston discusses their process and some of the questions they like to ask, in order to create the perfect space or experience, some of the recent design and holiday decorating trends, things to keep in mind with timing, and some of the tricks of the trade.

E35 Design is the vision of husband and wife team Weston and Cristy Blankenship. With fifteen years of experience in occasions, interiors, and holiday design- the couple’s passion and love for all things creative have come together to serve you, their future client. E35 seeks to bring beauty, excellence, and your personality to every project.

Website:                https://www.e35design.com/
Facebook:             https://www.facebook.com/e35design/

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