Jason Azevedo highlights how MRCA invests in American Made Manufacturing Jobs

What would it take to bring back American manufacturing jobs? Host Andrew Bartolotta sits down with Jason Azevedo who has had his heart in business development since an early age, starting a very successful apparel company that grew from humble garage beginnings to annual gross billings of over a million dollars.

Today Jason continues to own and operate American factories and he’s on a mission to make manufacturing a profitable reality for more American companies.

Jason has lead over 2000 employees and runs multiple companies offering clients a wide range of industrial manufacturing services including metalworks, plastics, electronics, and packaging options. Winner of multiple international product awards and no stranger to philanthropy, Jason works closely with chemical companies in developing safer, more environmentally-friendly industrial processes. Having founded and scaled dozens of large companies, Jason is committed to transferring 100% of the ownership of these new acquisitions to the employees of those businesses in due time.

During the interview, we discuss what it means to revitalize manufacturing, how manufacturing jobs benefit local communities, and more.

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