Nashville K-9: Philanthropic efforts to train and donate police dogs.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Ali Hemyari, CEO of the Hemyari Family Companies and Nashville K-9, who shares the story of how he got into the dog training business and what led him in 2005 to launch the first facility in Nashville to provide consumer pet training, protection dogs, search and rescue, law enforcement and working dogs. During the interview, Ali talks about their training model, the specialization of their team and trainers, tips for bonding with your dog, and how an old dog can learn new tricks. He also talks about some of the recent recognitions received, including Bloomberg honoring Nashville K-9 as “World’s Greatest Canine Training Facility.” He also discusses the importance of giving back, supporting nonprofits, donating his time by serving as a police officer, and donating 1-4 police dogs each year to different departments.

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