Literacy Mid-South – The importance of recent grant to expand tutoring.

Literacy is the single most important foundational skill that can unlock a person’s potential for success in life.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Sam O’Bryant, III, Executive Director of Literacy Mid-South, who highlights the nonprofit’s mission and efforts to provide literacy resources to learners of all backgrounds and ages.

During the interview, Sam shares some of the history for the organization, which was founded in 1974, and how the organization has evolved and expanded to work with adult and student readers while also serving as a convener and core collaborator for the broad community of literacy-focused organizations in the region. He shares the good news of Literacy Mid-South recently receiving a $4.5 million grant from the Tennessee Department of Education and how the funds will be used to impact Memphis-Shelby County Schools students and charter school students across the region. He talks about the power of tutoring to support the students while being a paid position for the tutors, and how the community can access those job opportunities, as well as support their efforts overall.

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