Meaghan Thomas – Her book: Heart of Hearing & nonprofit, The Heart of Hearing, Inc.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with broadcast meteorologist Meaghan Thomas, founder of the nonprofit, The Heart of Hearing, Inc., and author of the book, “Heart of Hearing,” who shares some of her personal story with hearing loss and how hearing aids transformed her life and career and have become a catalyst for her purpose to help others. “Heart of Hearing” is an animated and entertaining story for children that encourages them to wear their aids. It highlights aspects of the world around us that would be missed if one chooses not to wear them, and helps hearing children understand why individuals wear aids.

During the interview, Meagan spotlights her nonprofit and how the organization is both focused on reducing the stigma associated with hearing loss and also providing hearing aids for those who cannot afford them. She provides an update on their fundraising events, how the community can support their efforts, and how qualifying individuals can apply for the hearing aids.

Instagram:             theheartofhearing & megtomwx

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