cityCURRENT’s Director of Digital Media, Andrew Bartolotta: 3 Social Media Trends we’ll see in 2023

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Andrew Bartolotta, Director of Digital Media for cityCURRENT, who discusses the different roles he plays and how digital media plays an integral role in all facets of cityCURRENT’s efforts to power the GOOD through events, media and philanthropy. He then shares some of the lessons learned in 2022 and talks about 3 Social Media Trends we’ll see in 2023: #1 Short Form Video is PARAMOUNT; #2 Social Selling is here to stay (and grow); and #3 Content Creators + Community Overcome Polished Advertising Campaigns. During the interview, Andrew dives into each of the three social media trends and shares some tips to help you leverage the opportunities.

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