Neon Canvas and Signature Advertising

How to drive revenue and ROI with branding, design and digital marketing.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Alex Rasmussen, CEO of Neon Canvas and Signature Advertising, who shares tips and discusses how to drive revenue and ROI for your business with branding, design, digital marketing, and community engagement.

During the interview, he talks about the importance of understanding your audience and making them the hero of the story, the power of sharing your knowledge and expertise to build a relationship and then make a call to action, and then how and when to covert a lead into a new client. He also highlights his full-service digital marketing agency based in Memphis, Tennessee, Neon Canvas, along with their sister company, Signature Advertising. He talks about what it means for Neon Canvas to be named one of Inc 5000 fastest growing companies and how they continue to grow their foothold in Orthodontic and medical marketing, especially through the power of community connections and with Memphis-based medical universities, like the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Alex wraps up talking about why supporting the community is so important and why he is excited for the future of Memphis and the Mid-South.

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