Raphah Institute, using restorative practices in juvenile court cases.

Through strategic partnerships, Raphah Institute confronts the root causes of societal harm and takes a uniquely crafted approach to create transformative healing for all.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Travis Claybrooks, Founder and CEO of Raphah Institute, who shares some of his personal story and what led him to launch the nonprofit based in Nashville, Tennessee, which addresses issues surrounding youth incarceration and victim trauma by using restorative practices in juvenile court cases. Together, all parties talk about the harm caused, its impact, and ways to repair it. Raphah is a Hebrew verb that means to heal. It literally means to mend by stitching, very much like you would repair a torn garment, which is the vision and work or Raphah Institute. During the interview, Travis talks about their unique model and current initiatives, their expansion into working with adults in Nashville and youth in Memphis, Tennessee, and some stories of impact. He also talks about how the community can support their efforts, as they confront and solve root causes of societal harm, giving families and communities a chance to restore and heal.

Visit www.raphah.org to learn more

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