Ken Rideout shares story and inspiration in becoming world-class marathoner and helping others train

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Ken Rideout, co-host of the popular podcast, The Fight with Teddy Atlas, the legendary boxing trainer, who shares some of his personal story of overcoming adversity to become one of the fastest runners in the age group of 50+ in the world. Ken’s life has been filled with many forms of adversity including battles with addiction, a difficult upbringing, becoming a prison guard right after graduating high school in the same prison where his stepfather and step-brother were inmates, and working on Wall Street with no formal experience. The remedy for his transformation has included an unshakeable commitment to his health, recovery, and his family.

During the interview, Ken talks about overcoming adversity and why he started running marathons, the power of loving the process of training, working with Teddy Atlas and co-hosting the podcast, lessons learned and how he is now helping others to overcome adversities and train for both marathons and life.

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